South Hills High School Student, Nicole Lee, Wins $40,000 Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship and Internship: A DeepRacer Success Story

We are thrilled to announce that Nicole Lee, an active member of the AWS DeepRacer Student League, has won the prestigious $40,000 Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship and Internship!

Nicole has been an enthusiastic participant in the AWS DeepRacer program since her sophomore year in high school. During her time in the program, she has developed a passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and has been dedicated to honing her skills in these areas. She has experimented with different reward functions, collaborated with her peers to find the most efficient solutions, and competed against fellow students to achieve the fastest lap times.

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Exploring the World of AI and Autonomous Driving with DeepRacer: A Student’s Journey

Edison International is awarding Nicole Lee and high school seniors like her to help them follow their dreams in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) and empower them to change the world.

I want to Introduce an article written by my former student, Nicole Lee, whose commitment to learning during the pandemic is truly exceptional. Like many students around the world, Nicole was forced to learn from home as schools shut their doors. However, she did not let this setback hinder her passion for knowledge. In fact, she used this time to focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and sought out various learning resources to expand her knowledge on the topic. Nicole’s dedication to her studies and her community is commendable. She demonstrates curiosity, initiative, and excellent problem-solving skills, always following through and completing tasks to the best of her abilities. In this article, Nicole shares her insights on the impact of AI on the future of various industries and how individuals can prepare themselves for the inevitable changes that are to come.

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Building a DeepRacer Track

Building a DeepRacer track can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some things to consider before getting started:

  • Figure out the amount of space that you have.
  • Figure out how often you are going to race.
  • Figure out if you want to build a DeepRacer signature track (tracks in the console).
  • Consider building a custom track for your surroundings.

Building a signature DeepRacer track takes up the most space and in most cases, you will not be able to dedicate that amount of real estate to keep it up day in and day out. Building your own track personalized to your space is an efficient option and usually, you can have it up year-round.

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[PL] Dołącz do ligi AWS DeepRacer 2023

Ciężko uwierzyć, że to już trzy miesiące od zakończenia sezonu 2022, a tu już zaczął się kolejny, inny od wszystkich dotychczasowych.

W lutym braliśmy udział w wyścigu Innovate Preseason, którego zwycięzca wygrał czwarty bilet do Mistrzostw AWS DeepRacer 2023. A to nie jedyny dodatkowy wyścig w tym roku (więcej o tym w artykule).

Czytaj dalej i zobacz, co AWS przygotował na ten rok.

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[CN] 加入AWS Deepracer 2023 全球联赛

2022赛季已经正式离开了我们,现在是时候让我们期待2023联赛的开始 (时间将会在三月初 ). 在即将来临的2023赛季将会带来一些和2021/2022赛季不一样的改变。

在刚刚结束的二月份 Innovate Preseason比赛当中冠军优胜者已经获得了第四张今年拉斯维加斯re:Invent 2023总决赛的门票了。这一场并不是2023年唯一的专业比赛,下面我们将会带来更多详细的信息。


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Join the AWS DeepRacer League 2023

With the 2022 season truly behind us, it’s time to look ahead at the start of the 2023 league (beginning start of March). Also bringing quite a few changes to what we’ve seen from 2021/2022.

The February Innovate Preseason race has finished and the winner is receiving the 4th ticket to Las Vegas for the re:Invent 2023 Championship! On that note, this isn’t the only specialty race in 2023, more mentioned below.

So let’s get to it and see what else this year has in store!

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