The AWS ML community is moving to Discord

After five years of hosting our community on Slack, the AWS Machine Learning Community is moving to Discord.

Over the past years many people have joined and contributed to the community. People have shared countless tips & tricks and helped people with their ML and DeepRacer journey.

Why did we take his decision?

Slack has been at the core for the Community’s activity from day one of it existence. We would not get to where we are without it. Over the time, we have learned to leverage its strengths and live with limitations.

Over the past year we have noticed that more and more of this knowledge is disappearing due to Slack’s limited history, harming our ability to grow and sustain the community. This harms community engagement because many channels are empty by now. Slack also does not provide us with the tools we need to further grow and sustain the community.

What will happen to Slack?

Slack will stay around for a while, whilst we migrate to Discord. We will slowly reduce the number of available channels. Announcements made in our new Discord server will be relayed to Discord to ensure nobody misses a thing!

You will find our new home at

Thanks for being a member of this community, and we hope to see you again soon!

AWS DeepRacer activities in Buenos Aires (2023)

We were able to run many DeepRacer events in Buenos Aires in 2023; I thought about writing this article to describe how things were put together. The bottom line is that I wanted to gain experience in physical racing but needed a track. Many racers face the same problem, and I get asked how I did it. Finding a university and building a DeepRacer community around it was the solution for me.

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AWS DeepRacer Championships 2023: The format and the prizes

Time is running out for those who want to join the championships. With just over a week left to race in the League and 13 spots left for grabs the racing is getting increasingly tense. But then it’s worth remembering that we already have 57 finalists determined, and they are already waiting for the information on what’s ahead of them in Las Vegas.

Well, here’s what.

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AWS DeepRacer 2023: The Community Leaderboard

This season I have built a leaderboard page that allows us to openly share the results of races as they happen, present the cumulative results which aren’t available in the console and estimate who might be getting into the AWS DeepRacer Championships this year.

It is available at, and has recently received a few new functions. Read on to learn how it’s been done and what it offers.

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Invitation: AWS DeepRacer Community Meetup London 17.10.2023

We would like to invite you to another AWS DeepRacer Meetup in London, taking place on Tuesday 17.02.2023 at 18:00. Go to to sign up. You have to sign up two days in advance (by Sunday) due to security requirements of the venue, otherwise there is no guarantee you will be allowed in.

Location: 60 Holborn Viaduct, Holborn, London EC1A 2FD

The event will include:

  • racing (prepare and bring your models)
  • chance to ask AWS experts and DeepRacer League finalists for help and advice

See you!