AWS DeepRacer in Nerdearla (Buenos Aires)

Nerdearla is Argentina’s most significant technology conference (it might be one of the biggest in Latin America). It features 200 speakers, and it is entirely free of charge. This year, there were 27,000 online attendees, and 10,000 people attended the 3-day event in person. UADE, a private university from Buenos Aires, sponsored the race.

Before Nerdearla started, we gave a Workshop on DeepRacer basics. We wanted people to get familiar with Reinforcement Learning and DeepRacer so that they could race their models during the conference. The recording of the workshop (in Spanish) is available on YouTube.

We built the track outside during the in-person event as there was no other available space. Luckily, none of the 3 days rained. There were some challenges in running the track in this place, as the sun light caused some reflections on the track sometimes. However, we had around 20 racers submitting their models and many successful lap runs.

The best time was around 18 seconds, which might not sound super fast, but this was the first race we ever ran in Buenos Aires. Luckily, thanks to UADE, we now have a track and cars for different community events. We will be running more races in November.

The moment the local champion received his 3D-printed cup. (From Left to Right, Tomas Bond (organizer), Matias Kreder (organizer), Luciano Sosa (winner), Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti (organizer)

We will be running more races in Argentina; in fact, we will run another one in 3 weeks on November 11th. If you are in the region and want to participate, follow the Buenos Aires UG page and me (Matias Kreder) on LinkedIn.

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