AWS DeepRacer activities in Buenos Aires (2023)

We were able to run many DeepRacer events in Buenos Aires in 2023; I thought about writing this article to describe how things were put together. The bottom line is that I wanted to gain experience in physical racing but needed a track. Many racers face the same problem, and I get asked how I did it. Finding a university and building a DeepRacer community around it was the solution for me.

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[Hands-on] Who won what in the AWS DeepRacer League 2021?

One of the greatest mysteries of this season was who got which prizes in races. The questions of who qualifies where, who gets what prize have been popping up regularly in the Community Slack channels. Learn how I used SageMaker Notebook, Python and Pandas to determine the winners by reading data from Jochem Lugtenburg’s deepracer-race-data repository.

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[Spanish/English] ¡Preparados! ¡Listos! ¡A programar!

Matias Kreder, también conocido como Matt, recibió la semana pasada un DeepRacer Evo por haber calificado entre los primeros 10 en la carrera de Abril. En el siguiente artículo se pueden ver las fotos del premio:
Matias Kreder, also known as Matt, received last week his DeepRacer Evo as he qualified for the top 10 on April’s race. He shared some pictures of his brand new prize in the following LinkedIn post:

Además de participar en la liga Profesional, Matias ayuda a difundir DeepRacer para que sea cada vez más conocido en la región de LATAM. El ha creado diferentes artículos para que la gente pueda iniciarse en DeepRacer:
Besides racing in the professional league, Matias enjoys contributing to make DeepRacer more popular in the LATAM region. He has created the following articles to help people get started on DeepRacer: