AWS DeepRacer Community Log Analysis Challenge – Entries

It’s time for voting in the challenge (See the announcement). Two and a half weeks have brought us ten submissions in the AWS DeepRacer log analysis challenge. I think this is a lot. Many of the contestants submitted code to open source or public domain projects for the first time and I know how hard it can be, not only because of technical challenge – it also takes courage to show one’s code and expose oneself to opinions of others. To me all of you who decided to take part have accomplished something big.

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Invitation: DeepRacer Meetup London 23.10.2019

We would like to invite you to a second AWS DeepRacer Meetup in London, taking place on Wednesday 23.10.2019 at 18:30. Go to to sign up.

Location: 60 Holborn Viaduct, Holborn, London EC1A 2FD (Note that this is different from the previous meetup)

The event will include:

  • racing
  • introduction to DeepRacer
  • advanced talks about DeepRacer

You will also get a chance to meet the community members and ask them questions.