AWS DeepRacer 2022 Championship finalists

It is time to meet the ones who will be racing in the championships. To some the result may have come easily, others had to spend hours/days (well, nights) of thinking, learning and trying over and over again. All have however found a way to punch a ticket and will meet at the MGM Grand Arena on Monday morning for the first round of racing.

Make yourself comfortable and get a cuppa. The read is long, but there is a champion in this text and all have already achieved something amazing. See various backgrounds racers come from to get together and learn while competing and having fun.

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AWS DeepRacer at re:Invent 2022: The What, The Where and The When

It’s only two weeks to AWS re:Invent, the best place to be with a head in the cloud.

You’ll get to learn all the new releases, do the workshops, gather some serious amount of swag and most of all, DeepRacer.

We’re back to racing in person, we’ve got the workshops, we’ve got ideas to share. Learn all the details on where the DeepRacing action will happen and how you can join!

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Announcing: AWS DeepRacer League 2022 on-line and in person

Join thousands of contestants on the learning path and race for the knowledge, prizes, glory and friends in the exciting Reinforcement Learning powered tournament.

I’m Tomasz Ptak, a senior software engineer at Duco, an AWS Machine Learning Hero, a DeepRacer racer (named Breadcentric), a hobbyist baker and a leader of the AWS Machine Learning Community on Slack where we learn and race, and help each other start and grow our adventures in the cloud. Let me introduce this year’s AWS DeepRacer League season.

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