Join the AWS DeepRacer League 2023 for the Innovate Preseason Race

While it feels like the 2022 season finished last week, it’s already time for the next one. Join the Innovate Preseason Race starting on the 1st of February: the competition will be fierce, but the prize is sure worth the effort: the winner will punch the next ticket to Las Vegas! And on the 22nd of February join an exciting online conference AWS Innovate!

AWS DeepRacer

AWS DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale autonomous race car but also much more. It is a complete program that has helped thousands of employees in numerous organizations begin their educational journey into machine learning through fun and rivalry.

Visit AWS DeepRacer page to learn more about how it can help you and your organization begin and progress the journey towards machine learning.

Join the AWS Machine Learning Community to talk to people who have used DeepRacer in their learning experience.

AWS Innovate Online Conference

The DeepRacer Team have joined powers, talent and the enthusiasm with AWS Innovate Online Conference.

AWS Innovate is a free online event designed to inspire and educate executives and IT professionals about AWS. Whether you are new to AWS or an experienced user, you will find something for yourself during the event. The Asia Pacific & Japan edition is taking part on the 22nd of February.

If you are interested, there will be a DeepRacer workshop during the conference and all participants will receive $30 in credits.

You can register to the conference by going to

EMEA and Americas edition will follow soon after, in March.

Win a trip to AWS re:Invent 2023

On the 1st of February an AWS DeepRacer Innovate Preseason Race will begin and will continue for the whole month. Note: you can participate in the race regardless of whether you intend to take place in the conference or not!

As I have mentioned, this year there is a serious prize: the first place winner will qualify into the AWS DeepRacer 2023 Championships during the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. If you win, you will receive tickets to Las Vegas, a hotel room, conference access and pocket money and, last but not least, a chance to compete for the title of the 2023 champion which comes with more prizes, a trophy and bragging rights. You will also meet all the organisers of the DeepRacer League and the AWS DeepRacer Community members from around the world.

This is a third ticket for the 2023 championships. The winner will be joining the 2022 champion Yi-Li and the 2023 re:Invent Open Qualifier winner Daryl Jezierski racing as PolishThunder.

The race will be held virtually in time trial format and you will be able to submit your models multiple times. It will be held on Fumiaki Loop. So be sure to go into the AWS DeepRacer Console in your AWS Account, check out the rules and join the fun!

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