AWS DeepRacer 2022 Championships: The Finale

I’ve been waiting for the final video of the races and here it is: The finale, the end results and the decoration ceremony!

What an amazing racing! After going down to three racers all that was left was to get them to race and to determine the best one.

This time however it was a totally new format: each racer gets one lap. No warm up laps, no “only the best lap counts” – you either do well straight away or you’re done. All racers start about one meter before the start line to gain speed.

The NYCU students had generally stable models in their races but their first laps weren’t always fast. What is more, some models they presented were pretty inconsistent in terms of speed.

Have a look at how they did:

That’s an amazing outcome! Times under 14 seconds on the first try. To give you an idea on how good result that is, my best clean lap was 17.86 seconds and I was very pleased with myself. And time-wise I almost lost to Yoway who had a reset.

Congratulations to ILI, ZhengYi and Yoway for their amazing results! They excelled throughout the competition and deserved their spots.

On that note, let me share a picture of the six fastest racers of 2022:

From right: Ross, Roger, ILI, ZhengYi, Yoway and Darren

Congratulations to all the participants! I’m hoping to see you all at the 2023 championships!

The enthusiasm and gratitude are still strong among the racers. If you’d like to experience it yourself, be on the lookout:

  • join the AWS DeepRacer Community:
  • log in to your AWS Console and join the winter pre-season race
  • wait for the summits dates to be announced to know where you can join the league physically

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