AWS Classic Community race update #1 for Lars Circuit

Hey Fellas ! My name is Vinamra and I am hosting this community race for the very first time. I got an exposure to AWS Deepracer through Udacity’s AWS Machine Learning Scholarship and now I am hooked to it. Really, it is very addicting and yes I have luckily cleared Open Division in my first attempt.

Now, Coming to our race event we have chose lars circuit and it is a time trial race.

lars circuit

The reason for choosing lars circuit was pretty simple, It has some pretty amazing turns which is tricky to complete in fastest time but this is what the challenge is all about. We have had some amazing racers with their creative models participating in this challenge.

Update on leaderboard:

So far we have received 43 models and all of them did an impressive job of completing the lap successfully but some models shine out as they shown us insane performance. What could I say, they were fast, made correct turns, and are just amazing.

We mention all participants from top to down.

Would like to mention from the data I have collected from above participants about 82% of the participants have never trained on this track before.

In this race JJ and Karl-NAB were the only one who were giving each other a hard time to finish race. See below how fast they complete a single lap.

JJ’s model, clipped from midway

Only two days are left, for the race to finish. If you are interested to give it a try too, here is the link to the race:

We will see after two days, who stays on the top of leaderboard, JJ or Karl-NAB. Or who knows it could be someone else, not me, By the way I do have participated check SSC-Tuatara on 16th.

we ready bbc GIF by Top Gear

That’s all for now, will update next after the race finishes. Thanks for reading !

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