AWS DeepRacer Experts Boot Camp at re:Invent 2019

We’re proud to announce the AWS DeepRacer Expert Boot Camp at re:Invent 2019.
This is a joint effort by AWS and the AWS DeepRacer Community and will offer unprecedented VIP access AWS DeepRacer experts who will share their knowledge and experience.

Among them will be AWS science and product teams behind AWS DeepRacer, 2019 AWS Summit winners that have achieved the fastest times on the AWS DeepRacer leaderboard, and developer experts that educate the community with best practices and tips.

This event is for developers that are serious about competing in the 2020 league and are looking for the very latest and greatest in hands-on technical knowledge. You will learn from experts in a series of expert lightening talks and will have the opportunity to improve and practice your models on a dedicated AWS DeepRacer track.

You will have a chance to learn about the science behind machine learning in DeepRacer, the strategies, tools and organising your own DeepRacer events. At the end of each day you will have a chance to ask your questions in Ask The Experts sessions.

Just a note: the experts will be announced at a later time and depend on how the finals play out.

While enjoying the talks you’ll be able to follow live coverage of the races at the MGM Grand Arena and race at the Aria track.

We’re very excited that the AWS DeepRacer Community has this opportunity to share in person what we have learned during this season. Join the community where we’ll be talking about everything DeepRacer and re:Invent 2019. You will find us in channel #conference-reinvent-2019

When: Monday December 2nd, 4:00PM – 7:00PM, Tuesday December 3rd, 12:00PM – 6:00PM and Wednesday December 4th, 12:00 PM – 6:00PM

Where: Aria, Level 1, Pinyon 2

Read the schedule

Seating available on a first come first serve basis. Swag available.


Lyndon Leggate, AWS ML Hero and Founder/CTO at deəp, a data science and machine learning consultancy that assists a variety of clients with technology strategy and data solutions. Lyndon is a senior technology leader with extensive defining and delivering complex technical solutions on large, business critical projects for consumer facing brands.

You can contact Lyndon in the community channel, he’s present there as Lyndon Leggate.

Racing as Etaggel, Lyndon qualified for the DeepRacer 2019 championships as the top overall point scorer in the virtual league. Lyndon is founder of the AWS DeepRacer Community, a vibrant and rapidly growing community of over 1,000 people that is a space for new and experienced racers alike to seek advice and share tips. Lyndon also organises the AWS DeepRacer London Meetup series.

Tomasz Ptak, AWS DeepRacer Community Leader and Senior Software Engineer at OpenMarket, a messaging solutions provider. Tomasz likes turning legacy projects into easily maintainable moneymakers. Outside of work he likes to bake bread and blog about baking and DeepRacer.

You can contact Tomasz in the community channel, he’s present there as Tomasz Ptak.

Tomasz has joined the AWS DeepRacer Community on day one and since then hasn’t stopped making sure it remains as vibrant, open and supportive as it was on start. He has prepared an extensive analysis tool for DeepRacer logs, maintains it and encourages involvement from other community members. As Breadcentric he qualified for DeepRacer League Championship and is featured in DeepRacer TV. He talks about DeepRacer at conferences and meetups. He talks about bread otherwise.

Cameron Peron, AWS ML Community. Cameron works with a large community of machine learning (ML) influencers to showcase authentic content to a wide set of developers interested in building with ML on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can contact Cameron at

Prior to AWS, Cameron grew scalable marketing teams in enterprise software companies including Redis Labs, Dome9 (acquired by CheckPoint Software), Newvem (acquired by Rackspace), (acquired by Cisco), and ScyllaDB. Solving complex problems that span multiple customer disciplines require a diverse set of skills and constant learning are his passion.

Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS. Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology, and is fascinated by what happens next. In his role at AWS, Cockcroft is focused on the needs of cloud native and “all-in” customers, and leads the AWS open source community development team.

Sunil Mallya, Principal Deep Learning Scientist at AWS. Sunil is working with AWS customers in various transformation and innovation initiatives across verticals by building models for cutting edge ML/DL/RL apps. He also led the science development for AWS DeepRacer. Prior to joining AWS, Sunil co-founded the neuroscience and machine learning-based image analysis and video thumbnail recommendation company Neon Labs. He has worked on building large scale low latency systems at Zynga and has an acute passion for serverless computing. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Brown University.

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