Invitation: AWS DeepRacer Underground London 14th April 2021

Join David Smith and Jon Myer for a chance to try your DeepRacer model on a physical track in a live race on YouTube!

What is DeepRacer Underground?

You have a chance to submit your model to a real physical event which will take place at the AWS office in London and will get streamed live on YouTube (channels tend to vary between races).

You need to take place in a qualifying race and get into top 5, then submit a model to David Smith in the AWS DeepRacer Community Slack, lastly you can sit back and relax as the crew attempts to race your car for the best time of the event.


You can join the qualifying race in one of three categories (click to join the race):

  • Rookie Qualifier – for all the new-starters,
  • Pro Qualifier – for those with more experience; this hasn’t been stated clearly but if you are a Pro Division racer, this is likely for you,
  • Object Avoidance Qualifier – a bit more challenging category where you will attempt to get the best time possible, preferably without hurting any objects on the track or the car, or the track manager.

The races have started on the 4th of April and will last until 11th of April. Then winners will be able to pass on their physical racing models to David on Slack.

Live race

The event will be streamed on YouTube:

Time: 14th of April 2021, 16:00-17:00 BST

See you (or your model) on the track!

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