AWS DeepRacer at re:Invent 2020

Here you will find a quick summary of everything related to DeepRacer that you can do at re:Invent 2020. Hop in for all sessions, races and tournaments. There are also time-limited special offers.


There are three re:Invent sessions on DeepRacer:

Get rolling with machine learning on AWS DeepRacer (AIM204) – A 200 level session run by Kesha Williams who will introduce the DeepRacer and help you get started.

Shift your ML model into overdrive with AWS DeepRacer analysis tools (AIM302) – In this 300 level session Don Barber will share how you can boost your model’s performance using bespoke log analysis tools.

Replicate AWS DeepRacer architecture to conquer the track with SageMaker (AIM401) – This 400 level gem by Sahika Genk is the missing link that will help you and your engineers shift from the AWS DeepRacer Console into training with AWS SageMaker.

You can see all the sessions and their times on the AWS DeepRacer track page.

Train for less

Only until 31st of December AWS have reduced the cost of training to $1 per hour so that you can apply what you’ve learned and compete in tournaments. Please enjoy responsibly, it is addictive!

Visit AWS DeepRacer Console to get started.

Open Tournament – win a DeepRacer Evo

There’s no better way to try out your new racing skills than racing. Until 31st of December you can take part in reInvent Open Race. This is a virtual race on the European Seaside Circuit where you can try any of the three categories: Time Trial, Object Avoidance or Head to Bot. 15 racers can win the AWS DeepRacer Evo – the latest addition to the set, offering stereo vision and a LIDAR for that extra racing action.

Race on physical track and win an Evo

You can take part in AWS DeepRacer Underground, a live online event where your model will be loaded onto a car and put on a track! Read more.

AWS DeepRacer League finals

If you haven’t yet, do head over to our article on AWS DeepRacer League 2020 finals to learn where you can enjoy the racing fever.

And don’t forget to have a read about how the AWS DeepRacer League is changing in 2021.

DeepRacer now ships internationally, and for less (but not for long!)

DeepRacer now ships internationally almost everywhere and that stays! Most places around the world can now order the car for their own pleasure. Order on Amazon. Until the 31st of December you can enjoy a 20% discount. And if you join us for the live action in AWS DeepRacer League finals, you might get an extra discount on top of that!

Note: Batteries need to be ordered separately at least in international shipping – this is the change needed to enable international shipping.


DeepRacer League is a coopetition: while we compete, we also support each other as the more you help, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the better you become. AWS DeepRacer Community is the proof, having welcomed 3500+ members, becoming acknowledged and supported by AWS and supporting back.

We have the experts, the knowledge, and the tooling to bring your DeepRacer experience to a whole new level.

Join our Slack to share the joys and struggles and to get that extra help where you need it, when you need it. Connect with us to learn how you can use AWS DeepRacer to leverage cloud and machine learning adoption in your organisation while having lots of fun.

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