Join the Santa Cruz DeepRacer Meetup Group

On the heels of the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup at AWS re:Invent, competitor Chris Miller has launched a meetup group in Santa Cruz for DeepRacer. Santa Cruz is just 30 miles from Silicon Valley with a small but growing tech scene known to locals as the SiIicon Beach.

Among tech company employees, enthusiasts, and students of the University of California, Santa Cruz, there’s a decent sized pool of folks interested in (or already practicing in) machine learning.

Chris is the founder of Cloud Brigade, a local tech company and AWS partner. Located in a former Chewing Gum Factory, there is ample space to layout a race track and monthly meetings.

Meetings will start in January 2020, and Chris hopes to build a local racing league in which the members will compete in the upcoming 2020 AWS DeepRacer Virtual League. You can join the new meetup group on

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