DeepRacer Meetup London 21.11.2019

This was the third meetup organised in London. With only a few days till re:Invent 2019, we had some decent racing happening and had a couple special guests.

With about 30 attendees we were sure to get some great talks and good racing and it was really good. We’ve had five finalists with us to get a better feel of a real track.

Lyndon from deəp has led the introductory session and David with his crew were looking after the track.

Thank you to David Smith for letting us use his photo

Once the talking was done we returned to the tracks. The title of the Rookie of the Meetup goes to Phil who started training a week before the meetup and managed to get a 7.77s lap. The finalists had many discussions with the new starters and with each other. Even now, right before the finals we are sharing knowledge and experiences.

As the evening was coming to an end, Jochem took his model to the track and explained to us all how to race. Completing one lap after another, he managed to get a lap of 7.53s and is feeling pretty strong before the finals. Third on the podium was Lyndon with a solid 8.11s. Here are the overall standings:

The next London meetup will be taking place on the 8th of January. Sign up here. Note that you need to sign up at least two days before the event due to security practices of the venue.

If you want to know about upcoming events in London, be sure to join the AWS DeepRacer Community and visit channel #meetup-uk-london. If you want to organise your own event and would like help getting started, visit channel #meetup-organisation. We’re always happy to help.

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