AWS Toronto User Group 27 Nov 2019

Here’s a quick recap from the Wednesday night event about DeepRacer in Toronto, sent in by Mohammad Al-Ansari.

Meetup link: DeepRacer: How we won AWS DeepRacer League at Toronto Summit

Mohammad Al-Ansari and Weiling Gu talked about their journey to the AWS Toronto Summit championship race in this AWS Toronto User Group meetup. People of all skill levels joined – from those new to DeepRacer, to those who are in ML field and wants to learn more and even a couple of fellow racers who wanted to learn about our models and go deep in DR discussions.

Session was interactive, informative and I think it was best put by one of the racers: “This is the only place I could talk to others about DeepRacer!”. A sense of community is forming, and people in Toronto are certainly excited about 2020!

If you want to know about upcoming events in Toronto, be sure to join the AWS DeepRacer Community and visit channel #meetup-ca-toronto. If you want to organise your own event and would like help getting started, visit channel #meetup-organisation. We’re always happy to help.

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