Invitation: AWS Innovate AI/ML Online Conference 19th Feb 2020 & DeepRacer Challenge February 2020

While the challenge is already taking place and some contestants have reached pretty spectacular results, I would like to invite you to still take part. You have time till the end of February and can win up to $1500 AWS Credits!

The Conference

Prepare for four hours of AWS Machine Learning talks of various length and difficulty. The conference will be presented in different time slots. It’s a bit complicated to explain and much easier to check on the conference page – scroll to “Conference Time” to see your local hours. Below you will see the agenda which involves both DeepRacer and DeepComposer. I’m sure DeepLens will pop up somewhere as well.

Talks will be mainly in English, but some tracks will be also in Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and Portugese.

The Challenge

Go to the AWS Innovate Conference 2020 DeepRacer Challenge for the rules and to sign up. In short:

  1. Register for the conference (direct link to registration)
  2. Join the community race through the link supplied
  3. Get good time
  4. Win lots and lots of credits for top 3 times

Remember to provide the right email address when registering for the conference. This caused many people to miss out on the rewards last year.

AWS DeepRacer Community Log Analysis Challenge – Entries

It’s time for voting in the challenge (See the announcement). Two and a half weeks have brought us ten submissions in the AWS DeepRacer log analysis challenge. I think this is a lot. Many of the contestants submitted code to open source or public domain projects for the first time and I know how hard it can be, not only because of technical challenge – it also takes courage to show one’s code and expose oneself to opinions of others. To me all of you who decided to take part have accomplished something big.

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